How to Share Christ with a Hindu: Who’s Your Guru?

There’re so many different gods that they need guidance, they need direction and so to find guidance and direction, they will be taught a certain way, a certain path. Many Hindus will follow a guru. The word “guru” comes from Sanskrit and it means “the one who leads from darkness to light”. Guru Yeshu (i.e. Jesus) is the one who is the light of the world, who truly leads us from darkness to light. So it’s a wonderful bridge into the gospel.

There are so many different paths that many follow a guru. Do you have a guru? Tell me what’s his name. I’ve learned some of the requirements of a guru, maybe you can help me with that. To be a good guru, I’ve learned that he must lead you from darkness to light, he must cast out the darkness of your mind and soul and give you light because the word itself means one who leads from darkness to light. Is that true? 

Also, a guru should be God in human form, God in the flesh. Is that true?

I’ve also learned that he should have miraculous powers, be able to do miracles.

He should be a poor man. He shouldn’t be all about money and getting more money and stuff. Is that true? We probably know a lot of religious guys who are all about money.

He’s not about the ladies, he’s unmarried, he’s a sadhu, he’s a celibate.

He’s also a man of peace. We want to see world peace and so he’s a man of peace.

I’ve got another question. Do you know any gurus who have died and then risen from the dead? In fact, I follow that guru. He’s a Satguru (i.e. true guru). He died and rose from the dead and he meets all of these requirements. He said “I am the light of the world” so he truly is one who leads from darkness to light. 

He’s also God in the flesh; he took on human flesh. He lived and walked this life he lived a perfect and a holy life fulfilling the dharma perfectly and 100 percent good karma for us. 

He also had miraculous powers because he is God in the flesh. So for people who were born blind, he gave them sight so that they could see. Doctors today can’t even do that. To people who were born lame and could never walk, he told him to pick up their bed and walk and immediately they walked. Doctors can’t do that today. He also raised people from the dead. He had a friend who was dead for four days, dead so long that he started to stink and Satguru Yeshu stood outside of his grave and said “come out” and his friend walked out of the grave. Dead for four days and came back to life. He had tremendous powers. Do you know any gurus who raised people from the dead? Do you know any gurus who themselves rose from the dead?

He wasn’t a lover of money. He said he didn’t have a house that he could call his own. 

He had many women who followed him but he never touched any of them. In fact, he was never married. He was a true Sadhu, completely devoted to knowing God and leading others to Him. 

He was a man of peace. He came to bring peace. Number one, he brings peace between us and God. He came to bring peace by giving his life for his followers. Most gurus take money from their followers but Satguru Yeshu was a Muktidata (i.e. Savior). He came to bring deliverance from samsara (the endless cycle of sin and death and misery) by giving himself. When you go to the temple you do puja (i.e. worship) and you’ll take a coconut. What does the coconut look like? It’s dark, it’s ugly. That’s like us, we’re caught in samsura, we’re caught in that endless cycle of sin and death and misery and we need moksh (i.e. deliverance). But on the outside of us, we’re covered in paap (i.e. sin), it’s all over, it’s ugly. Satguru Yeshu took all of our paap on himself, he took all our bad karma on himself and then he was broken. When you break a coconut, it opens up and out comes all the coconut water. That’s what happened to Satguru Yeshu. He was broken for us, he took all of our bad karma on himself, was broken, poured out his blood and in doing so, when you look inside of a coconut, what do you see? It’s perfectly white coconut meat. We’re covered in paap. Satguru Yeshu took all of our paap on himself, he was broken and then he poured out his blood to make us clean, pure. He gives us his perfect 100 percent karma. He perfectly fulfilled the dharma (i.e. the obligations) but he gives us all of his good karma and takes all our bad karma on himself to free us from samsara if we follow him.

So Satguru Yeshu met all of the requirements of a good guru. In fact, he went beyond them all that, he is the muktidata (i.e. Savior). Does your guru meet all of these requirements? Did he rise from the dead? Is he the muktidata that promises to deliver you from samsara? No, he can’t possibly do that. Satguru Yeshu doesn’t take from his bhakti, he gives eternal life to his bhakti. He gives joy to his bhakti so that they can enjoy God forever as it was intended.

What’s keeping you from following Satguru Yeshu? Do you have 100 percent good karma? No, you don’t. Do you want to be free from your bad karma and from that samsara, that cycle of sin and death and misery? Do you want moksha? Satguru Yeshu is the muktidata who gives you moksha. What’s keeping you from following Satguru Yeshu?