The God who loves you and has proven it

And for three nights I was driven to the stadium by a gentleman was Indian from india. On the way to the airport after the crusade I said “How did you enjoy the crusade?” “Well” he said “Pastor Benny, I did not come.” I said “What do you mean? You drove me. You were my driver. You did not come?” “No” he said “I sat in my car.” I said “You never heard me preach?”. He said “no”. “Why?” I said. He said “I’m a Hindu.” I said “You’re Hindu?” He said “Yes” I said “You drove me three days and you’re a Hindu?” He said “Yes” I said “You never heard me preach?” He said “no”. I said “What’s your name?” He gave me his name. For three days I did not even know his name and I said “Have you ever been to a church?” “No.” “You know anything about Jesus Christ?” “Not really” I said “How many gods do you worship?” He said “millions” and the Lord said “talk to him” so I said “I want to ask you a question” He was very polite, very very nice man young man maybe in his thirties. I said “can I ask you a question?” “yes please” “have any of your gods ever told you they care for you?” He said “no”. “Have any of your gods, even one of them, ever said I love you” He said “no”. I said “have any of your gods ever said something like this: come unto me and I’ll give you rest?” He said “no” I said “let me tell you about Jesus” and I began to talk to him and he listened very intently. I said “you know that Jesus Christ is the only person that ever uttered these words” and I gave him Matthew 11 and I said “Jesus said come unto me all ye who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest” I said “have you ever heard any one of your gods or any person or anyone ever say those words? He said “no? I said “the fact is no one has” I said “no philosopher, no prophet, no person ever in history has ever said come unto me all you who labor and all you who are heavy laden and I’ll give you rest.” I said “nobody has ever offered rest to humanity except Jesus.” I said “now you say none of your gods ever said to you they care for you and none of them ever said I love you” He said “no” I said “Jesus not only said he loved us, he proved it by dying on a cross.” And people, that’s about all I had to say to him by which time we were driving up to the airport and he looks at me and says “Pastor Benny today I am becoming a Christian.”