Who is the Supreme God in Hinduism?


In our last videos, we tried to find the Supreme God of Hinduism but couldn’t find one. So in this video, I will tell you some other interesting facts about those gods and will tell you the contradiction in Hinduism concept of God to prove that Hinduism cannot be trusted because it is full of contradictions within itself. And also going to show you how Jesus is the supreme God who creates everything. When we compare the Bible and the Hindu scriptures, as we have discussed earlier, there is no Supreme God in Hinduism. The Brahman, who is considered to be the supreme till now, was a created being. Now this happens when you superimpose anyone and claim this God is supreme and this God was created, like for example Devi Bhagvatam say Devi is supreme. Bhagwad Gita say Krishna is supreme. Shiva Purana say Shiva is supreme. Vishnu Purana say Vishnu is supreme. Veda says that Brahman is supreme and Brahman creates everything. If we accept Devi Purana, then it automatically rejecting all other gods. If we accept Bhagwad Gita, then it also rejects all automatically. And the same happens for all other supreme gods. This is the contradiction we were talking about. There is no mutual co-relation between them. Everyone is claiming a supreme god in their time period. Yet every supreme god was created by some other higher being.

When we compare this to what the Bible says about Jesus, Bible says God created everything. The question is who is this God? 

In John chapter 1:1-3: In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made. 

It says that Jesus is this God and he is the creator of everything we see and which we do not even see. No one created Jesus. He is above every God and his name is given above every name in the earth and in heaven. We have more other verse but that’s not necessary for now. But if we read this verse then Jesus is the creator God of Hinduism, which means he created Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Prajapati, Rama, Krishna and even created the Brahman but sadly when time passed people rejected the true creator God and make different gods for different purposes. Even today people are getting deceived by following these mortal created gods because no one wants to show them the truth. So I welcome all people who didn’t know the truth to accept the truth, who is the Lord Jesus Christ, the supreme creator unchanging eternal God.